A Peek In My Herb Cabinet

With cold weather coming on and winter being a typical time for flu bugs to sail around visiting homes, I thought this would be a good time to share on some things I like to use and keep on hand. Throughout the winter I regularly give my children herbal calcium, silver and an elderberry syrup or immune booster. Juice Plus chewables are another staple for my children! (At a later date I will blog about Juice Plus, which is an incredibly good product!)

I like to have my cabinets stocked with herbal tinctures especially in winter so I can feel ready for any cough or bug that might creep our way. If you want to use herbal tinctures and remedies, you must jump right on it at the first sign of sniffles, aches or flu. Don’t wait till you have that “ugh” feeling, to place an order of herbs! Keep some on hand so you can begin taking them immediately or sooner! Taking a few droppers full every hour or two is usually a good, safe guideline. You must be consistent if you want results! Once or twice a day isn’t enough if your battling sickness.

Also getting fresh air daily and occasionally fresh air into your house is a real good idea to help battle the germs! (I have a certain set of “fresh air” beliefs) Maintaining a healthy diet will help much in escaping many of those winter flues. Don’t expect to eat a diet void of fresh foods, and then think a few herbs will help you get better in a jiff!

When my children are sick I like to put all the tinctures, essential oils and thermometer in a basket or plate, then I can carry it to the couch or bed and have everything at my fingertips. If the children have fever, I rub peppermint, lavender and lemon essential oils on their spine and feet. Then also, soak a rag in apple cider vinegar and swab or lay it on their foreheads. Of course getting them to drink cold juice or water or suck on ice is also helpful. When I was a little girl, my mom gave me the egg white remedy to bring down fever. Beat one egg white and mix in a little sugar or sweetner and vanilla to make it palatable. Drink down as much as possible. It’s a gaggy texture but it does help bring down fever pretty quick. I haven’t used this on my children but would if they’re fever went pretty high. So far I don’t think mine have had 103 or above and I’ve been able to have success with natural remedies. Did you know it’s beneficial for a child to have several good fevers before they’re 5 or 6 years old? It kills cancer sells and helps the body build immunity to infection/fever. Many people are quick to give Tylenol or something similar as soon as their children have fever. But that’s not good for the body in the long run. However, I don’t mean to carelessly let a fever go too high because it could be dangerous. I keep an eye on their fevers and do all I can but if it would soar too high, then I would give something else.

I used to use a lot of the Doterra brand of essential oils and still really like those, but because of price, I’ve gotten on to using more of the “now” brand. I think they work great but if you want to take it internally, I would recommend the Doterra brand. I really like Doterra’s oil blend called Onguard. It’s a strong combat against germs and sicknesses. I’ve found another place (Ann’s Naturals) carries something very similar, which is called Combat oil. This is a blend of cloves, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus and cinnamon. You will see this Combat oil right up front in my pictures. I love that oil! I like to rub it on chests or on the bottoms of feet or along the spine. The smell is lovely to diffuse too!

Something I do for myself when I feel like I’m getting sick is drink fire water. Boil a half cup water and stir in 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper and 1 teaspoon sea salt. Then add a half cup apple cider vinegar. Use Braggs brand or one ‘with the mother’. Take one Tablespoon every 20 minutes or half hour throughout the day, or until you feel better. This really burns so don’t give it to children. I don’t mind it too much because I know it works and is good for me. I can take most anything icky- probably because I had to when I was a little girl sick with cancer. Just pinch your nose shut and swig it down! I mean if it’s good for you, why not?! Jerald doesn’t like to take this but if he’s feeling pretty bad he gives in and shivers it down!

One of my favorite places to order health products from is Sun Lite Herbs in Belle Center Ohio. You can call them for a catalog at 937-464-9099. They have reasonable prices and ship quickly! They carry a lot of products for moms/birthing/prenatals etc. as well as for babies and children and much more! Their Infant Tummy Relief works great for baby, but we also keep it on hand for anyone’s bellyaches and it works wonderfully! I also like their Ear oil for ear aches. Side note here, Basil oil is really good for ear ache too. I rub it around the outside of ear, and place a few drops of the Ear oil in the ear. I also like the Horehound Blend that Sun Lite Herbs carries. It works good and is safe for babies with congestion. To give you an idea on their prices, a lot of their 4 oz tinctures are $19.95. And they carry the Be Your Own Doctor books by Rachel Weaver. Very highly recommended to add to your library if you want to learn about caring for your own health! Be Your Child’s Pediatrician is another one she wrote. She covers vaccines and the dangers of them in this book. Very helpful to look up many ailments. I have all of these books and love them!

Another favorite is Ann’s Naturals in Horse Cave, Kentucky. This is a small family business with the best prices I have found! A 4 oz. tincture is $11, an 8 oz. is $19.50, or you can order as large as 16 oz for $38. You can call Annabelle at 270-524-4680. Not a big catalog but yet has a good variety of the normal echinacea, elderberry, cough syrups, immune booster and more. Also, essential oil blends, diffusers and salves. I love her garlic salve and am quick to use that on my children. It works for chest congestion, ear ache, or even just rubbing on their back for extra benefits when fighting any sickness. The Deep Tissue Healing Oil Salve is also a must have for us! It really helps when rubbed in on sore backs, shoulders or any muscles. It could also be used as a salve for congestion. Or if your child falls and gets a goose egg bump, rub on a bit of this deep tissue salve. The second ingredient is arnica oil, which is good for pain and swelling in bruises and speeds up healing. Don’t use on any open wounds because it would burn.

Many of you are likely familiar with Nature’s Warehouse. But in case your not, their number is 800-215-4372. A large catalog with oodles of health and body products, even carrying health foods and THM products. They print informative health articles to read, among their products in their catalog. They send out a catalog four times a year. Any orders over $25 ship free.

New Light Health from Elliottsburg, PA also has a large catalog with many products, as well as printing interesting health articles. It is similar to Nature’s Warehouse. Their number is 855-692-3500.

If you have interest in making your own tinctures and saving money, contact Walnut Creek Botanicals at 320-585-4372. They offer a variety of kits to make your own tinctures! Very nice kits that include specific directions and all you need to make your own, except for the vegetable glycerin or vodka that you will add to preserve your tinctures. I have gotten and made their herbal calcium kit several times. Super easy and heaps cheaper than buying small 4 oz size tinctures! It made approximately one quart of calcium, and the kit then was $19! I haven’t ordered just real recently so I’m not certain if that’s the current price, but it’s definitely affordable!

I hope this has been informative and helpful in your quest to keeping your family healthy!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”

“It costs money to stay healthy, but it’s expensive to get sick”

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