Green Queen

Who is ready for summertime cookouts and backyard parties? There is something beautiful about enjoying food and friends in pleasant, outdoor surroundings. We’re looking forward to using our grain bin gazebo before long again!

I’m not a green thumb, so I feel rather disqualified to be writing about any sort of green, living plant! Nonetheless, I hope this post can be beneficial to somebody out there.

A few years ago, I started planting Kimberly Queen ferns for outdoor potted beauty. This is a lush, green plant with lovely vertical fronds. As with any ferns, they’ll need consistent heat and moisture. Watering at least every other day will help keep them happy.

We kept these ferns down around our grainbin last summer.

I credit my knowledge of these ferns to my oldest sister Geneva. For years, she has lined her front porch with Kimberly Queen ferns in hanging baskets every summer. A perfect description of summertime beauty! I would love to share a picture of her porch if I had one.

The main reason we prefer Kimberly Queen above the typical Boston fern is because the fronds are upright and grow vertically. Whereas the Boston fern grows it’s fronds in more of a sagging or drooping manner. Instead of bushing out, the Kimberly Queen grows in an upright fashion, yet is still a hearty fern.

This was taken on our back deck last summer, with a storm rolling in, hence the blowing fronds.

Kimberly Queen’s don’t seem to be quite as popular as the Bostons, so may be a little harder to locate. More so if you don’t get them bought early enough in season. But you should be able to purchase them at Menards or Lowes. Or check with your local lawn and garden center.

I’m not promoting a selfie here, but wanted to share this close up picture of a Kimberly Queen that we had last summer. We had to scrounge around for pictures of the ferns, since this was a very last minute blog idea. Credit for the idea goes to my good man. He keeps popping out surprising ideas for me to write about!