My name is Violet. I was a Yoder before I married my handsome husband. Now he’s gotten me into a tongue twister because my complete name is Violet Rose Rhodes. But Jerald is a fine Christian man and I wouldn’t trade him! I’m also blessed to be a stay at home Mom to Josie and Reece. We love our home in Southeast Nebraska.     

I’m very grateful for the gift of life! I had cancer as a young girl and the doctors did not expect me to live. (You can read my childhood cancer story here.) So I want to praise God for that and live a life of service dedicated to Him. He is my Redeemer, and I thank Jesus for his cleansing blood! The most important thing in life is to be ready to meet God when we die!

I’m mostly an introvert. My husband, however, is a definite extrovert and gets me in uncomfortable situations.

I love a clean house, home decor, ordinary days, sewing, serving my family healthy foods and my comfort zone.

I dislike traveling, full grocery stores, eyebrows gone askew, and awkward situations. (I seem to attract those awkward moments where things are so weirdly embarrassing I wonder if I’m the only one in the world this happens to?!)

I’m heaps better at changing my mind than making decisions.

🌿Serve the Lord with Gladness! 🌿