So here’s a brief intro….

I grew up in the Allegheny Mountains of Garrett County Maryland. My family attended Swanton Mennonite Fellowship Church where my dad was a minister and bishop. I completed all eight grades at our small church school. And all those years I either walked or biked to school. (Yes I’m that old I can say that!) Truth be told, our old farmhouse was located about a half mile from church and school. My siblings and I would often walk to and from church also. I have good memories of summer nights ambling home after dark, listening to the night creatures when we weren’t chattering.

There were eight of us that were privileged to grow up in the home of Millard and Mary Yoder, of which I am the youngest. I feel so very blessed to have been given a wonderful, godly home! Now it’s my fervent desire to give such a home to my dear children!

When I was nine years old I was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma. It is truly a miracle from God that He healed me and I am still alive today! Have you read the book Violet’s Cabin? It is a children’s book written by Lily Bear and tells my cancer story in full detail. (If you don’t have a copy you can purchase one here.)

I was seventeen when my family moved to Hartselle Alabama. I taught first grade there at our church school for two terms. My parents started The Old Cookstove restaurant where I was employed for a number of years. It is still in business today. If you travel south on I-65, be sure to stop in for some good eatin’ grub!! You will be served with true southern hospitality and real sweet tea!!

At twenty four years old I left to teach school in Sterling Alaska. We had a cozy one room building with a make shift divider for two classrooms. We had electricity but no running water…..Out houses to the rescue!πŸ˜‰ I enjoyed the snow and sledding and all around winter weather, since Alabama certainly does not major in winter!

That winter was also when Jerald Rhodes came up to Alaska to work for his uncle for several weeks. How distinctly I remember the shock this young man gave me when he asked me for my friendship! (at about 7:30 A.M. of all times of the day!)😲 How beautiful is love when instigated by the Lord! We were married in May 2011.

Our wedding day!

As a new bride, I now moved to Daviess County Indiana since that was where my husband was from. What a joy to settle in our own house and live life together. In August 2015 we were absolutely thrilled to welcome Josie Kate into our home! A precious gift from God! What a huge responsibility we were now entrusted with!

In the spring of 2018, after seven years of living in Indiana, God led our little family to make the move to Auburn Nebraska, which is where we now live. We attend Providence Mennonite Church. Our newest addition is Reece Edison who joined our family in July 2019. Another beautiful gift from God and we are quite pleased with his blue eyes and red hair combo!


Josie 4 – Reece 6 months

Jerald works for BigIron Online Auctions. He loves his job as a salesman and representative. He does well in convincing farmers to sell equipment with them. He frequents many farms all over his designated region. Now I would be so embarrassed if I had to go driving all around, trying to convince people about something! But I feel so blessed of the Lord for the family and home He has given me, and how grateful I am to be a stay at home mom! I am not a big social person so home is my happy place. I think I socialize better with pen and paper than in person.πŸ˜…

Our family, October 2019

If someone wants to contact me personally, you can do so through my website or you can email me at I’d be happy to hear from any of you! Especially since I don’t even know who all my readers are!😲 When someone subscribes, I’m only notified with their email address, so I don’t know for sure who everybody is!