of windowsills and breezy hills

Hello there! Welcome to my blog! (immediate disclaimer- there will be a lot of randomness going on in my blogs, so please read at your own risk!πŸ˜‰)

I am by far not an eloquent writer with good structure in each of my writings. However, I’ve enjoyed tablets, pens, and pencils ever since I was a little girl. I wrote many silly little things, but as I became older I focused more on poems. Since I’m a mom I’ve mostly neglected writing. I figured I’m already busy so now’s not the time for me to write. But it was with a sense of sadness I would think upon the started stories and ideas to write, that I just let lay. Furthermore, I didn’t know where to send my pieces to be published. But I still liked to write! So I decided to make time for it and I think it will be good for me and my brain to have a reason to write!

Just this month my husband suggested I should start a blog. Oh the hooting and gasping that occurred at that moment! It sounded enticing, but I was doubtful I could handle the pressure of writing on a regular basis. (I don’t do so well under stress) But the more I considered it, I thought I would enjoy it. And I’m not making a commitment to the frequency of writing, but will post new articles as time allows. We discussed and prayed about if I really should begin blogging. More and more I felt like God was nudging me to proceed. It felt like He was saying “here’s a place you can write. Here you can have an outlet for those stories and ideas you would like to write about”. And so I proceeded. And the best thing? Nobody is obligated to read it! 😜

Home life, organization, healthy living, natural cleaning, and homemade body products are all things I take an interest in, so that is probably a lot of what I will be writing about. Also some healthier recipes. And I’d like to post spiritual/inspirational articles sometimes too. Above all, I want my blog to honor God. He is the One who gave me the desire to write! And He is the One who gave me life- both physical and spiritual!

So about my blog name- of windowsills and breezy hills….

We live in Southeast Nebraska. We love the community and countryside here. It is spacious! Gently rolling hills. Brimming with rich farmland. Precise rows of corn and beans by the thousands. And the wind!! Wind is an integral part of the weather out here! Especially in Spring and Summer the breezes often blow strong. Sometimes we have several days straight of gusty winds! I’ve learned the challenges of hanging up laundry in these conditions. It takes an abundance of clothes pins if you want garments to stay “online”! (It definitely takes more than excellent internet service!) πŸ˜…

I am a firm believer in fresh air and love opening my windows to the airy breezes. Even in winter I occasionally deem it necessary to air out the house! Especially if there’s been sickness or a host of people in my house, I feel a great need to reduce the germs with fresh air!

I really like the windowsills part because it depicts a house and I will be writing about things that go on in our home. Another reason I liked windowsills is because it rhymes with breezy hills and this girl loves good rhyming phrases!

My next post will be an introduction of myself and my family.

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🌿 Violet Rhodes 🌿

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