Hang Tight

If you love doing laundry, holler “I”!!

I don’t know about you,  but I won’t be doing any hollering…… I get enormously weary of washing clothes. That’s why I have certain days of the week to complete the job, so I can have a break on the remaining days.  But then accidents happen, or somebody needs jackets washed or who knows what, and I end up doing 3 loads of laundry when I wasn’t planning to do any! That’s when it really annoys me.  But I’m grateful for raiment and more grateful for my family, so I’ll keep pluggin’ on that laundry. ♥️ 

What I do enjoy is the homey feeling of a laundry line filled with flapping garments. And the feeling of crisply dried sheets and towels! Some people hate stiff, sandpaper like towels for drying. I prefer those kinds because they dry better. Ever use those fuzzy, fluffy hotel towels and you still barely felt dry?  Me too. I’ll take the sandpaper ones.

It feels like extra work to hang up laundry outside, but I like the feeling of saving energy. Well, let me clarify. It’s great saving electrical energy but it requires a good deal more physical energy!  There’s plenty of times, fatigue, and low energy are big factors in my life.  Then is when I show my dryer much appreciation by putting it to good use.

Then there’s days the wind is a exactly like a tall tale- It’s so windy you wouldn’t believe it unless you see/feel it. So let me tell you what I’ve come to believe is crucial to keeping those clothes hanging securely.

I bought a couple packages of PolyGrip clothespins in Ohio last summer. You know, there where they have all kinds of stores and places to buy anything a person could possibly need… Amish country? You’re covered!

I love these Poly clothespins!! No more twisting wooden marriages apart when the wind jerks fiercely on the innocent, bouncing clothes. No more match making of wooden divorcees dropped over the grass in rejected loneliness. No more running to fetch a fleeing sheet or towel hanging on by its last thread.  Believe me, these clothespins are trustworthy!! These marriages will last!  No more will I buy those pinsley little wooden clothespins.

These clothespins also make wonderful toys.  I went out to hang up another load of clothes one day, to find Reece had hauled a pile of them up into the playhouse. He had them pinned together in neat rows. Making families, I suppose.

I prefer keeping my clothespins in this bucket for easy access, rather than a typical cloth hanger of sorts, because I like the easy access. It hangs on the line with the S hook. Although after hanging up clothes on windy days, I’ll set the bucket on the ground instead of on the line to prevent the risk of spillage.

You can purchase these PolyGrip clothespins on Amazon or from Georgetown Sales. You can contact them at 610-593-5193. Or if you live anywhere close to Amish country,  I’m sure you could find them at their local stores. 

Hang Happy and Hang Tight! ☺️

6 thoughts on “Hang Tight

  1. I’m hollering “I”!:) I love doing laundry, always have, even as a young girl doing laundry for a family of 9 with a ringer washer. I’d actually still prefer the wringer washer, that is if I’d be set up for it, like a wash house where I could hang the wash on rainy days. But that’s not our lifestyle these days:). Mom has those clothespins and they are great!


  2. “I!”😉oh I needed this recommendation of pins! I have so many divorcees that it’s high time to buy more but where and what to buy!! Thanks! I think I’ll be trying these!


  3. I’m hollering “I”!
    I’ve been using those clothespins for a number of years and no divorces yet! (Like your terminology 😉 ) They’re available in Ontario too, for any Canadian readers. I love them!
    When my round wire sock hanger with wooden pins (3/4 of them divorced) was ready to be pitched, my son removed the piece connecting the wires and I took out all the wooden pins and replaced them with the PolyGrip. I feel like I have a brand new sock hanger!


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