A Light In The Window

One of life’s simple pleasures is lighting a candle, setting it on a cleaned surface and seeing that cozy glow. Part of what makes a house a home is the cozy atmosphere, right? We need a few throws, pillows and candles burning don’t we?  Of course this doesn’t automatically make it a home but it adds to! There’s just something about a burning candle that speaks life, on a damp, dismal night.

Unfortunately, that seemingly harmless candle might be filling your home with harmful chemicals. Candles are notorious for triggering headaches for many people. This is because of the high levels of synthetic scents, lead, and other toxins being released as the candles burn. Because of this, I have been extremely particular for many years about what candles I burn in my house. There are a few exceptions to the rule; like tea parties or such, that I allow myself to burn tealights, pillar, or taper candles to compliment the decor. Although they’re unscented, they’re still toxic. 🤫 Just don’t use these on a regular basis!

Now a days, soy candles are the rage and most everybody knows how they’re racked up to be so much healthier than the typical Yankee or Woodwick candles. But I’ve heard a few things that made me skeptical of even burning soy candles. I began to wonder if there’s any safe candles to burn! So I began researching a bit.

To be seriously safe, the best candles to burn would be simple beeswax candles. Beeswax is the oldest known material used for candles and one of the cleanest options. It’s natural, free of toxins, and provides a slow burn. They don’t hold scents as well as other waxes, so they’re typically unscented. Except for their original earthy, sweet aroma of honey. Since it’s natural wax, these are quite pricey.

I’ve tried a couple beeswax candles, but the price didn’t fit the quality, practicality, or satisfaction I anticipated. I love me a homey, cinnamon scent, tucked safely in a glass jar! Not a rolled up sheet of beeswax, sitting precariously on the table. You can get some in jars, but the ones I had tried were the rolled up type.

Now on to the soy candles. The most glaring issue with soy wax is that sometimes it doesn’t work on its own, and requires the addition of paraffin. This is better than pure paraffin but certainly has its issues. There are some companies, however, who use 100% pure soy wax, which is good. I’m not saying all soy candles are good or bad; just research them first to see if they are what they claim to be. Make sure it’s 100% soy. Not a blend of oils. I wouldn’t buy any old ‘soy’ candle without information about what the wax is actually made from. Also, are they scented with 100% pure essential oils or do they have ‘fragrance’ listed for their scent? I flee from the word fragrance at rapid speed because fragrance can literally mean any kind of fragrance! It does not insinuate natural or toxic free (especially watch for this in body products!)

A soy candle I’ve burned for many years has been the 1803 candles. This company uses 100% soy, not mixing with any oils or wax. They also have cotton wicks instead of lead as some candles do. Lead cores aren’t quite as prominent as they used to be but you still need to be careful. 1803 candles have a large selection of scents. These are produced with a blend of essential oils and synthetic fragrances. They use synthetic fragrance when essential oils aren’t available such as in Cheesecake, Cookie Dough, or the like. I simply stick with the ones that have essential oils and don’t buy those ‘off’ scents. Generally, use common sense when you’re thinking of scents! My favorite scents that I’ve gotten are Grated Cinnamon and Friendship. These are both cinnamon scented and smell very similar.

I like the 14 ounce wide mouth jars with a matte black lid, but they do have smaller jars available. Direct from the company, the 14 oz. candles are $23. You can check these out here! Some country/gift/antique type stores carry these as well.

1803 Friendship candle

My most recent and most favorite candles are the Welsh Mountain Candles. This company uses quality coconut or plam wax that does not emit residual toxins or chemicals in the air as they burn. The wicks are 100% cotton wicks without lead cores. Any coloring in their candles are natural, without poisonous dyes. However, all the candles I’ve gotten so far were white or off white. They’re scented with 100% pure essential oils, or a fragrance oil. This ‘fragrance oil’ made me instantly suspicious. I didn’t notice this at first. I bought one orchard peach scent, which obviously is not from an essential oil. While it smelled delicious like a fresh picked peach, I still don’t know exactly what all is under that ‘fragrance’ label. It didn’t give me an outright headache but kinda felt like it could head in that direction. I will stick with purchasing the essential oil scented ones after this, just to stay safe. They have them clearly marked on their website as to which are essential oil candles.

They have a wide variety of scents available, in tins or amber jars. The tins are 8 oz. for $11.99 or 16 oz. for $18.99. The amber jars are 9 oz. for $16.99 or 16 oz. for $23.99. They also carry black or white jars with bamboo lids, but these are more pricey. You can check out these candles here!

One scent I’ve tried and absolutely love is the cinnamon & clove! This one is essential oil scented. It smells very fragrant yet not overpowering like synthetic candles.

The amber jars are beautiful!

I’m by no means saying the candles I’ve mentioned are the only clean ones available. I’m sure there are more that I don’t know of. This is simply based off my experience and research, which, for an old-school girl like me, isn’t top of the line! 😉

Check out these candles and see if you can put a cleaner light in your window! 🕯

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