The Days That Were

Many moons ago, I was a young gal living in the South.  Oh the energy I had and the mounds of work I would attack in a day’s time! Hot, sticky nights playing volleyball with my youth group; the air pungent with the scent of wild onions, and always sweet tea around. Ah the carefree days of one’s youth! And I fondly remember the days that were.

My bestie & I pose by my VW back in the day.

Then I was dating- how could life improve? Those sparkly moments of a budding relationship. Then dreaming of a life together…. Ah those beautiful days! And I fondly remember the days that were.


Then we were married- I moved far from home. But how thrilling to now make this house our home!  Life now as one was sweet and unique; sharing love, forgiving faults. Ah the sweetness of our young bridal days! And I fondly remember the days that were.

Just married/2011

The most darling little face, made us parents one day.  We’re a real Mommy and Daddy with a daughter of our own! Yet we tremble in awe of this precious soul thrust into our care! Life begins as a family of three, and really, how much better could life be?! Those cute baby moments, those fun little ‘firsts’… And I fondly remember the days that were.

Ok. I got a lil carried away with photos and partiality here… but she was so chubby & adorable!!! I still miss this patch of daffodils we had close to our house in Indiana! 😞

Four years later we welcomed with joy- a darling, red haired, sweet baby boy. Big sister, little brother- we’re now a family of four! Ah those precious baby days! And I fondly remember the days that were.

2019. One blonde. One red. Precious!!

The day is drizzly, windy and gray- I’ve not accomplished much this ordinary day. My little boy wrecks havoc in orderly spaces. There are days he plays with things not even toys. But those mischievous, bright blue eyes- ! His humor and love cover a multitude of faults, still, he wears me out many a day. Will he ever tell me he needs to go potty?! Will he ever learn to control his hot headed temper?! Will it really be 25 years until I’m caught up with my work?! Will my daughter ever learn to work cheerfully with nary a grumbling word?! Will she ever learn to turn her clothes right side out, before throwing them in the hamper?! Oh, wait, these are the days that are!! It won’t be long now and I will fondly remember them.

But in fond rememberance of the days of yore, I should remember that most beauty also had sorrow. Among the flowers, there were thorns. And yet I remember the beauty.

In recent days, this thought came upon me: We tend to remember the good in days gone by and forget the sorrow. Yet in the present, we can be so aware of the thorns in our path that we miss the good. Today, remember the beautiful good that’s in your life!

I have a plaque hanging by my kitchen stove with these words:

You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they will be a little older than they were today. Today is a gift. Just breathe, notice, study their faces and little feet. Pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. Enjoy today. It will be over before you know it.” – Anonymous

I know how tough it is to relish the charms amongst the chaos. How difficult it is to notice their little feet. Unless, of course, they’ve stumbled upon one of those thorns along the path. Accompanied by deafining howls.

This smile & red hair just gets me! And to think that I’m his Mommy! 😘🥰

One thought on “The Days That Were

  1. Very well written, Violet! And how true it is that we need to make an effort to focus on the good, in the times that are. Because eventually, what we focus on, is what we see, and who we become.


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