Shoe Organization

It’s getting time for Spring cleaning and organizing, right? Well, if your last month has been as hectic as mine, you didn’t get much of anything accomplished in that department. This ties right in with my silence of late- it’s March and I have only written twice this year!!

The month of February included kitchen renovations, hosting a couple times, planning a Parent’s Banquet for our youth group plus normal life obligations. Now I feel like a panting puppy with its tongue hanging out, catching my breath!

This way of shoe organizing isn’t anything I did recently. We’ve stuck to this method of organizing shoes for years and it works well for us, so I’d like to share it with you.

* We do not wear shoes in our house. This immediately cuts down on a multitude of dirt. A great many years ago I read that people are more susceptible to parasites when wearing shoes in their house. That thought has stuck with me. And struggling with considerable amounts of OCD, germs are a number one phobia.

So think with me, you wear shoes all over the store, into those icky gas stations and over that spit on (and worse!) pavement. Then you come home and walk into your house….. Me thinks I see them germs a squirmin’!

It’s fine if you choose to wear shoes in your house and I’m not trying to disrupt your methods…..Maybe I’m one of the weirdos? Is there someone else like me out there??

I didn’t line up the shoes in neat rows before shooting this picture, because this is real life. I like to organize but at the same time, you have to be realistic.

* Slip in your shoes as you go out the door. I feel privileged to have a garage entrance, and this is where we keep all our shoes. It’s as simple as slipping into them when we leave and slipping them off when we come home. It’s not a problem for our children, because they don’t know anything different. And the best thing?? We never lose shoes.

* Use a hanging shoe organizer to efficiently utilize space. This hosts 8 – 10 pairs or more. Plus, we use an entry bench with 3 drawers and bins. Both the children and me have a small bin to keep shoes in, plus their own set of boots or flip flops that stay out, ready to slip in anytime. The drawers we use for each of our hats, scarves and gloves. A small, 3 drawer plastic organizer is a cheaper option that also works for hats and gloves, which is what we used until we found this bench.

The bench is nice for sitting to tie shoes as well as a drop area when we come home- purses, water bottles, mail etc. Reality- the children sit on the step to put on their shoes😜

In case you noticed the red thing hanging on the wall, it’s a shoe horn. I know, it’s usually for the oldies but I like it even though I’m not 70! It’s wonderful for getting your heel into any boots or shoes that your finger can’t slide behind. It’s handy for children too! Especially when their shoes are getting snug.

The shoe horn in business

* Store off season footwear somewhere else. We have four metal cabinets in the garage where we store many things. Off season footwear and outerwear are some of them. We try really hard to only keep the most used shoes and boots in the shoe organizer or bins. Also as soon as the children outgrow a pair, it gets put into storage.

* Keep hooks available to hang jackets and coats. We have a line of hooks nearby to hang everyone’s jackets and coats. 4-5 hooks are lower for the children’s convenience.

* Keep your footwear, coats and jackets as close to your main entrance as possible. This really helps with tidiness in the house. You don’t have shoes kicked off anywhere and mysteriously hibernating underneath couches and clothes. You don’t have jackets slung over chairs or dropped in the hallway, because everything has already been slipped off and hung up! (hopefully) My children’s coats do end up on the floor now and then and there’s many times I’m straightening the entrance, but at least it’s out there! We’ve got enough toys and clutter to stumble over already.

I realize this method may not work as well for everyone. It’s a high priority to me, so I would just work with the entrance you have and see if you can’t organize a shoe organization in your home congregation!

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