Cinnamon Rolls And Coughy

Yes you read right. Coffee??? Is my spelling that bad? No. No? We’re not talking about coffee! I’ll explain in a moment; just hang on while I finish my mocha- I don’t drink coffee!

The sunshine spilling through the windshield, a white chocolate mocha in my hand and a quiet drive without my offspring interprets a rare day. I’ve taken the opportunity to type in silence while my husband drives. We’re headed to Kansas City for an appointment and a bit of shopping. We have a 2.5 hour drive one way, so that gives me plenty time to ramble.

This week I’m consumed with baking cinnamon rolls. There’s a Big Iron sales representative that asked me to bake approximately 120 8×8 pans of cinnamon rolls to give his customers for Christmas. I have a “from scratch” recipe that uses unique ingredients such as potato flakes, instant vanilla pudding and milk, resulting in a soft, scrumptious roll! This recipe is tops! One massive batch makes 23 pans. I made one batch yesterday and hope to make 2 batches tomorrow. It’s a mountainous undertaking to mix, roll, slice, bake and frost nearly 50 pans in a day’s time. In about a week’s time I’ll need to make six batches, so if I don’t get much else done, you know why. And you can also guess why it’s taking me so long to get this post ready- I’m now way past last Tuesday when I started it!

This was the last day’s double batch…. Josie loved helping!

I might add that this Big Iron Rep seems to like me and went with me shopping for cinnamon roll groceries. He also hung out with me now and then lending a hand where he could, plus I joined him one day when he delivered rolls to customers. Ain’t that romantic?! I do all this to support his business, because supporting a husband’s business is part of being a wife.

As much as I enjoy making cinnamon rolls, I was thrilled to finish up those last two batches, get my floor cleaned, and the kitchen in its usual order! I’m still basking in the feeling of satisfaction both of a job completed and my orderly kitchen.

What Jerald’s truck looks like when he delivers cinnamon rolls
Jerald in business

This farmer, Kevin Compton, that’s shaking hands with Jerald is retiring and selling all his equipment with BigIron. Some weeks ago when Jerald was listing his equipment he noticed an old runner sled in one of his sheds. Jerald knew I was wanting one so he asked Kevin if he would sell it. Kevin wasn’t sure as he had bought it around 1980 for his children and he wanted to check first with them if they wanted it. And can you believe it they did not?! So on the day I rode with Jerald, I met Kevin and he wanted to give me that sled! I was pleased as punch!! I’ve always thought an old sled would be perfect for porch decor but the price? Not so perfect. And now I’m simply given one!! That very evening I washed it up, trimmed the trees, gathered sticks and…. oh joy! I love it! Fresh cut greens are simply perfect for making large outdoor bouquets. I fixed three of them before I said “enough”. Tuck in some broken branches, a few pine cones and you have pretty decor that didn’t cost a penny. I rebuked myself for not garnishing my porch with greens weeks ago. Simple but beautiful! Especially with a free sled!!

Ok back to the coughy. Has your family been coughing this winter yet? These days any bug that flies is more than a potato bug. According to the news, it seems any kind of bug must be some sort of strain akin to Mr. Corona. I’m just sayin’ but I’m not sayin’ if I agree or not! 😝

I feel blessed that my children have been in good health! Reece and Josie both had a cough season maybe two months ago but have been doing good. I praise God for that! But currently the stomach flu is sailing to and fro in our community. My children haven’t got it but I’m holding my breath. I’m dosing them up aplenty but still. Watch them get sick the moment I post. Just because, well, you know what I just said.

I’ve known for years that red raspberry leaf tea is beneficial for flu, hormones, pregnancy or general immune boosting. I drank this tea in both of my pregnancies. But it was only this Fall that I realized just how good it truly is for coughy spells!

After hearing a testimony of how it calms down a cough, I decided I must try it out. I had plenty on hand anyway. I was amazed at the results! Josie had been hacking around and sounding rather croupy one evening. I had her drink some at supper and then had more by her bed overnight. And what do ya know! She didn’t cough the whole night! I know it sounds like a windy tale but it’s not windy! It’s calming!

My in laws visited us in November. He seemingly has this perpetual cough. I promptly offered him a glass full of this tea I had in the fridge. And what do ya know! He barely coughed the rest of the evening! The remaining time they were at our house he drank a glass full whenever he got a spell. It’s not a joke or a hoax; it calms those croaks!

Reece drinks the tea too and I was amazed at how it even seemed to help loosen up the cough as well! Since then it’s one of my go to’s at the onset of any coughy situation! This tea and good old smelly garlic salve rubbed on the chest and feet through out the day often does wonders!

Reece drinking his tea 😍

Garlic salve is another subject to which some are strongly sensitive. I’m not here to argue. I know it stinks. I mean, who wouldn’t know that?! But this is my philosophy: Garlic salve works. It works amazing. If it keeps me and my children from getting very sick, sparing a trip to the Dr or perhaps out of the hospital, then I mean, get over the smell!! What is smell compared to that?! The hospital stinks too by the way.

All that said, I am not here to make anyone feel bad if your child has needed the hospital for croup or RSV or the like!! You’re the parent and must do what you think is best. If you feel your needing the ER, or a Dr appointment, then by all means go! Sometimes in spite of our best efforts at home remedies, professional help is needed.

Steeping my red raspberry brew

The tea I make is a mix of red raspberry, nettles and alfalfa. It’s called pregnancy tea but I call it red raspberry brew. Certain individuals may hoot about drinking pregnancy tea! But the scoop is, is that it’s for heaps more than pregnancy so just call it brew. Or a tea mix. I think if your drinking tea anyway why not drink a mix of teas/herbs and get added benefits?! Both nettles and alfalfa are rich in nutrients, besides the pop of nutrition in the raspberry leaves.

Here is how I make my red raspberry brew for that coughy spell!

Boil 1 quart water. Remove from heat and add 1/3 cup tea mix. Let it steep for 25-30 minutes or more. It’s not picky on time. Strain the tea and sweeten with stevia or honey. I just add stevia till it tastes good. I like a mix of the END stevia and Now stevia glycerite. Then I add a Tablespoon of baobab powder for extra vitamin C which is optional. It has a bit of a fruity twang which gives the tea a good flavor! Plus, it’s loaded with antioxidants. I stir it in when it’s warm so it dissolves better. Then add in a slice or two of fresh lemon and ice cubes to chill. Or you can drink it warm if you prefer but we drink ours cold and keep it refrigerated after making it.

I love my tea strainer that fits perfectly on a glass or jar for efficiency in tea straining!

This tea would be great to drink anytime just as an immune booster. Even for stomach flu or whatever ails you. I don’t think it would hurt anyone! But for sure, make it for your family who’s got a coughy spell!! And drink a glassful or more a day. Not just a sip or two because that won’t do.

My beloved red raspberry brew ready for drinking!

The most affordable place I have found to purchase raspberry tea leaves is Ann’s Naturals. You can contact her at (270)-524-4680 and be sure to ask for a catalog. She has the best prices I’ve found! She offers the straight raspberry or you can get the Pregnancy Mix which has alfalfa and nettles added; this is the mix I usually get. You can get 1 pound of this mix for only $9! I love Ann’s other products too and buy most of my herbal tinctures from her. She also carries the garlic salve I love and has lots of options for children’s tinctures. You can buy this tea elsewhere too. Most herb/health catalogs or health food stores would carry it.

So there you have it! Slather on the garlic and drink the tea. My sophisticated and unsolicited advice.

2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Rolls And Coughy

  1. That takes some brains to do that many cinnamon rolls! Bless your heart! I love the tea info, and I’m a firm believer in garlic salve as well:). I use it liberally and see wonderful results. I will need to brew up a batch of tea. Makes me thirsty for some, reading how you make it. Keep up the interesting posts!


  2. Hey I loved this post on the “brew”! I believe in its benefits for all sorts of things as well… I usually add dry peppermint tea… So glad for the idea of baobab and lemon! Thanks for the idea!


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