Autumn Meditations

Brilliant in splendor!- Leaves clutter the ground,

Morning’s crisp chill creeps in around.

Harvested fields are looking forlorn-

Acres now emptied of beans and corn.

Ominous clouds; then bursts of sunlight-

Make dancing shadows a simple delight.

We snuggle inside- all cozy together

No worrisome thoughts of frosty weather.

There’s slower days and creamy lattes,

Blue, blue skies and fresh pumpkin pies.

Chilling hayrides and warming firesides.

A season of sweetness and sadness I find-

A season of sweetness and sadness combined….

There’s many in hunger, starving unfed –

Who am I that I’m given bread?

There’s many alone, in worrisome fear

Who am I- gifted with loved ones near?

There’s many poor souls yet searching and lost

Unknown or untouched by Christ’s work on the Cross.

And who am I to know Him as my Savior?!

Abundance of gifts!!- My heart brims with gladness

But for those not blessed as I, there’s achings of sadness.

-Violet Rhodes

Hayride last evening with our church youth
Finishing up the evening with hot drinks, pumpkin roll, and pumpkin pie around the fire.

One thought on “Autumn Meditations

  1. I loved this writing…good reflections and thoughts. The pictures were a nice touch too. Great work again Violet! Call me soon too as I have been trying to reach you 🙂 Gina Miller


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