Help Wanted

We have been abundantly busy this month, working on a remodel project in our home. We had mold in our master bedroom and bath to irradicate. The remodeling makes a depressing mess and disturbs the whole house. But now with it restored to a fresh, new look and orderliness, makes one sigh with satisfaction.

Our new master bathroom

I have also not been feeling well these past months. Next to zero energy levels spins ordinary work into looming mountains. We’re still trying to navigate roads leading to what might be the cause. I would like a device to attach to myself that would spell out the exact issues- like reading a temperature device. (If you know of someone who invents these, let me know.) The idea of mold being a culprit, at least in part, is quite likely.

And so your thinking, “ahh she needs help with her housework, or another remodel project or cooking or some other thing.” I could definitely use help especially in the cooking department. We’re only a family of four but I continue to be amazed at the effort it takes to keep a supply of decent food around. Dietary restrictions and lack of inspiration can sometimes make cooking feel more joblike than joyful. Then there’s all the ordinary effort it takes to keep a household running moderately smooth. But no, I’m not asking for help in these areas. “What, is she even trying to say”?!

I’ve been struggling to get blogs out like I would like to or that I feel are chipper enough. I’ve felt like some of my recent ones bordered on lame but I sent them anyway and hoped somebody was inspired. I’m working on another but it’s a vast subject and requires more details and gathering information than I’ve had time. So I pushed it off again and kept thinking “what could I send out? Nothing really clicked or worked to write about presently. So I decided to do this one to ask for your help.

Awhile back I had a reader request tips on traveling with children/toddlers. We probably all have our own ways of doing things to make traveling more smooth. If y’all chip in and share your tips, I’ll compile them and make a later post and we can all enjoy the tidbits of other’s advice!

So what are your tips on how to stay organized when you travel with your children? Do you pack or load a certain way? How do you organize their books, toys, blankets, and pillows? How do those of you with scholars organize and work at their school work? (if you take that along.) How do you do snacks without the vehicle looking like it’s not been swept in 2 1/2 years, after the first go around of snacks? Do you make particular homemade snacks that are non messy? Do you make some healthy, homemade foods in an effort to help guard against not getting sick as quickly? How do you keep everyone’s hands at least halfways sanitary? (This particular one really has been a huge one for me to deal with, with my children because I’m way too germaphobia. I’ve had to back down ALOT from my phobias!) Share your healthy snack/food recipes too, if possible. Tips for traveling by air are welcome too because I know some of my reader’s most common form of traveling is by flight. If you have other traveling tips outside of what I mentioned here, feel free to share those too!

You may email your tips to me at (do not reply to this blog post) Having them to me by February 8 would be appreciated. Thank you for your help!

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