Homemade Wipes and Honest Diapers

As all moms of littles know, wet wipes are a must for both hands and bottoms! Especially for on the road and away from home. I’d like to share with you alternatives to regular, chemical laden wipes. Please be careful what kind of wipes you use especially for babies. They’re skin is thinner and extra sensitive. And a lot of wipes have chemicals in them that are absorbed right into your baby’s skin and can also cause diaper rashes. (I would also be really careful what kind of soap, lotion and powder you use for baby but that’s a complete other subject!😊)

To make homemade baby wipes, cut a roll of Bounty paper towels in half. The ‘select a size’ kind is nice. Set the half roll in a large, empty coffee can. It fits perfectly! Now, mix up the following solution and pour evenly over the paper towels.

1 1/2 cups water

1 Tablespoon coconut oil or olive oil

1 Tablespoon witch hazel

1 Tablespoon aloe vera

2 Tablespoons liquid Castile soap

Set the container upside down for a day or so, to help it distribute evenly, before setting upright. I like to take out the middle cardboard piece because the towels are easier to cut and plus, then you can start pulling out the wipes from the center of the roll.

Now, you can also make hand wet wipes using the same method. Following is the solution for that.

1 1/2 cups water

1 Tablespoon witch hazel

2 Tablespoons liquid Castile soap or Lemongrass Tea Tree foaming liquid soap

5 – 8 drops each of any or all of these essential oils- lemon, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus.

If I have these on hand, I really like to use Doterra’s oil blends called Onguard and Purify. These are both especially good for targeting germs.

Pour over a half roll of paper towels.

If you want a safe wet wipe that you can just buy instead of making, I definitely recommend Water Wipes! I love these! They are 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. These are actually what I use for my baby. And I’ve also switched to these for hand wipes for the road too, because of convenience. Now for these I make the same solution that I use for the paper towel hand wipes, except I only use 1 cup of water. You can use even less water if you want to, but I like to rather have mine a little extra wet than too dry. They clean better that way.

Take the wipes out of the pack and place a thin layer in the bottom of a container. Pour on a bit of the solution, then layer more wipes, solution, wipes, solution, etc until the wipes are all layered in container. It helps distribute the oils and soap more evenly this way.

My family has been away from synthetic smells for so long that we all hate scented wipes, soaps etc! But we love these! They smell so much better, plus they’re way better for your skin too!

And one more thing you can do with this same solution recipe. You can pour it into a small spray bottle and use it as hand sanitizer! Shake before use. Of course it’s not gel like the alcohol laden sanitizer is, but this will be a lot healthier for you! Simple, easy solutions for those germy hands, big or little! πŸ‘πŸ–πŸ–

Witch hazel can be found in the health and beauty department at Walmart. They also carry the Water Wipes in the baby department or you can find them at Target too. The Liquid Castile soap we buy by the gallon from Amazon because it’s a staple in our house. Or you can also find it in most any health food store.

When Josie was born, I tried out several kinds of safer pampers. It wasn’t long until I had a favorite and that one is still my favorite now with Reece! The Honest Company makes a super absorbent, hypoallergenic and ultra soft diaper. They’re made without latex, fragrances/lotions and chlorine. They are made with plant derived materials and are very good quality! The diapers fit snugly and I hardly remember messes ever leaking out the sides because these hold so well!! They absorb super good too! And my babies pretty much don’t get diaper rashes. I contribute that a lot to diapers and wipes free of chlorine and other chemicals. Most diapers are bleached with chlorine and when they have chlorine, dioxins will be present too. Dioxins can do damage to the body, plus it is a carcinogen.

The Honest pampers are of course more expensive but we feel it’s worth it (think of your baby’s delicate skin and what all its absorbing). You can buy these from Amazon or Target and the prices are about the same. One thing that’s nice at Target is that they frequently run a sale that when you buy two boxes, you get a $10 gift card for the store!

Of course using cloth diapers for your baby would be a very good option but I am just plum not that virtuous! 🀨 If you are, kudos to you!!

And please, I do not want to make anyone feel guilty for what you are using for your baby! However, I would encourage you to at least check into healthier options and see what you could do differently. There are other safe alternatives besides what I shared, but this is what I like and have found works well for us.

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